This is my own personal website, the one where I can choose what I show.

It is intended largely to show my scenic likes, ones where I get home after a shoot and can’t wait to find, select and customise to my liking.

Do read on. You’ll be surprised and delighted as to how I can help your social interests – nothing for sale, I promise.



By customise I mean, firstly to crop them to reveal the interesting aspects and to create a balance of elements of the scene following well established principles of composition. In general I do not fiddle with the content by using Adobe Photoshop. So what you see is what is actually there to see again.

However, I believe that the human brain interprets what it sees in real life. I hold that it tends to merge its view of the dark areas in one instant with its view of bright areas in the next and switches between the two as you wish. During each switching it is able to brighten the shadows and also dim the over bright areas. Your resultant image appears well balanced.

Most cameras and smart phones can’t do this. They record the scene in an averaged brightness, and this results in an image with overblown whites and dark shadows especially in extreme ambient lighting, eg, sunlight.

With sophisticated Canon cameras and post-exposure editing software I can take photos in a format that allows recovery of over-dark areas and over-bright areas in producing a final image. Just as the eye remembers the scene.

My history

After a career in IT in both technical and management roles I retired to follow my main hobbies. These are photography and website creation and involve photo journalism.

My wife Karen and I have carried out professional photography, for example advertisements and posters for the Frankfurt Christmas Market for Birmingham City Council.

I currently run a number of websites mostly on a free-basis for the commuinty.

Examples of community non-profit making websites are :




What’s in it for you?

Apart from viewing my selection of photos here – selected from my (over?) vast library – you may wish to contact me for help in creating a website for your club or society or small business.


Thank you for reading this

Best Wishes